Excelsior Aerospace is looking to partner with U.S. growers and the USDA to apply the latest advances in technology in solving some of agriculture's toughest challenges. Right now, we are looking to receive feedback and build collaboration with citrus growers on an upcoming USDA research study and free tool for large-scale, rapid detection and monitoring of Citrus Greening Disease in citrus groves. This tool would be available to citrus growers across the U.S. and abroad.
There are two levels of participation we are looking for in our project:
Level 1: Participants will be asked to provide feedback on a range of topics related to the project and be provided the opportunity to make suggestions for improving the project. Feedback may be gathered via written survey, phone call, or in-person interview depending on the participant's preference.
Level 2: Participants will become project sponsors by allowing Excelsior Aerospace to survey their citrus groves using airborne hyperspectral sensors to study Citrus Greening Disease (HLB). Their feedback and suggestions for improvement will also be sought during the process. Participants will be provided with all data and analysis that is collected, free of charge.
Selected Value: 50%